31-point checkup checklist

Squarespace site AUDIT

Let me guess...

You've been in this online business thing for some time, but about a year ago – maybe less – you decided to DIY a new website or redid your existing one because you were driven by the pull of starting a new business idea or following a new direction.

This may not have been your first time building a site, yet you were thrilled to get to work on it!

The problem is, your excitement faded away fairly quickly because you realized your site was taking too much time to complete, and you had to get it out there NOW to be able to get back to business.

The result? You ended up publishing an OK site into the world just to get it over with.

Now, it isn't a bad website, but it has DIY written all over it, and it feels like it isn't attracting as many clients/subscribers as you feel it should.

So now, you know you should reevaluate, but are afraid of having to redo eeeeeverything again because you don't have the time – or energy – for it.


If that's you, then take a deep breath my friend because it's going to be alright.

There are some KEY items that I always see my DIY clients miss when they're building their own site, usually because they want to be done with it fast.

That's why I created a checkup checklist specifically for Squarespace sites, so you can give yours a quick general audit and make sure you're covering ALL the basics and setting your website for success.

Because let me tell you, SEO is just a portion of what you should check.


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