Template Customization

You built your site yourself and it looks really good! But... you couldn't find out how to make some blocks look exactly like you want them to, aka you have website headache because parts of your site are being (very) difficult.

Starting at $45



  • Already have a brand identity.
  • Already have a Squarespace site created.
  • Want to style some elements on your site that can't be controlled through the editor.
  • Don't know how, or don't want, to implement the code yourself.

Customization examples

  • Color alterations on buttons, social media icons, and their hover modes.
  • Colorblocks behind text.
  • Caption modification on summary and gallery grids.
  • Font implementation from sources outside Squarespace and Google Fonts.
  • Page jumps within the same page, or to a specific section of another page (anchor points).
  • Modification of spacing between sections and elements.
  • Forms and lightbox forms customization.
  • Search box customization.
  • Archive dropdown customization.
  • Tag cloud customization.
  • Element alignment on mobile devices.

How it works

Phase 1: Communication

• Meeting
After filling out the contact form to get in touch, we’ll set up a 45-min Skype or phone meeting so you can tell me what you need, and see how I can make it happen. I'll take a look at your site first before sending you a proposal that includes the details of our project, the timeframe and a quote.

• Booking
Once you read and approve the proposal, I’ll create and send you the corresponding agreement along with the first invoice*. Your signature and payment will officially book my services and we will be able to get to work!

• Preparation
Right after the booking is complete, I’ll send you a link to our HQ, so we can track the progress, and a shared folder where you can upload the content involved in the modifications (if any). At this point, I'll also ask you to add me as contributor to your site.

Phase 2: Design

• Modifications
I'll get started with the changes and work my way up until everything we agreed on is finished.

• Testing
Once everything looks great, it’s time to test out the result! I’ll examine your website’s responsiveness on commonly used desktop and phone browsers to check that everything moves as it should.

Phase 3: Delivery

• Launch & celebration
Since your website, or some pages, might get disabled during the customization process, it's time to set them live again! I'll also send you the final invoice to complete the payment*.

• Post-launch
In order to keep everything running smoothly, I’ll be available to give you full support during 2 weeks after (re)launch, just in case any issues† pop up and to answer any questions you might have!

Questions? Check out the FAQs section


* an initial invoice will be required for quotes that exceed $200. For smaller quotes, only one invoice will be sent for the full amount after the changes are made.
† related to any issues caused by the design or code implemented during the design phase, or small problems caused by tweaks made by you after (re)launch. Bigger issues caused by any modifications made by you or a third-party can be fixed but an hourly rate of $45 may apply.