Professional web design for small business owners


Perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners like yourself, who already have a brand identity and are looking to step it up online with a custom, goal-focused Squarespace website.


Build your package

Not all businesses site have the same requirements, that’s why my services are broken down into specific items, to make it easier to build the perfect package that fits your needs.



Select one or more core items, and as many add-ons you’d like to include to get an idea of the starting investment for your project.


My design process is pretty simple yet methodical, so make sure you read through the steps to find out how we’ll be working together.


Now that you know what you need/want and how I can help you bring it to life, get in touch with me so we can talk about it!



Use this handy calculator to get an idea of the starting point for your project.

You can consult the description of each item below to learn more about each one!


• New site (from $445/page)

You can choose your new site to be a single one long-scroll page or a bigger site with up to 7 pages. This item includes small custom code modifications* required by the design, basic on-page SEO optimization and 2 weeks tech support.

• Page optimization (from $100/page)

This is perfect for you if you're looking to refresh the layout of an existing page of your site, want to improve its load time, or need a different way to showcase your existing content. This item includes 1 week tech support.

• Custom code (from $90)

For when you need a custom solution** to tweak a specific element on your site, or require code that can be implemented over and over again across your site, simply by changing its content. This item includes 1 week tech support.



• EMS integration ($90)

So your email marketing service is completely integrated on your site before launch, to capture subscribers right off the bat!

• 1 year hosting & domain with Squarespace ($174)

This is perfect for new websites, so you don't have to worry about these additional costs for a full year and profit from my Circle Member 20% discount!

• Shop setup + up to 10 listings ($250)

Whether you're selling physical, digital or service items, I can set up your shop for you so you can focus on advertising it.

• Personalized Squarespace walkthrough ($90)

If you're new to Squarespace, I can create a walkthrough video for you to show you how to go about updating text, images and other elements on your own.



Communication phase.png


After reading through this information and filling out the inquiry form, we’ll chat about your project and see if we’re a good fit, so you can book your spot in my client queue by making your deposit and signing our agreement!

Once you’re officially booked, I’ll send you a link to our HQ where you’ll find any pre-project homework required before the start date.

Design and development phase.png


When the start date arrives and with all your pre-project homework ready to go, I’ll get started with the design phase! Depending on the core items you chose, I’ll create prototypes and mockups of your pages before jumping into Squarespace to develop the design.

In this phase I’ll also take care of any additional details necessary and check the result in the recent versions of most commonly used browsers, to make sure everything works and looks like it should!

Delivery phase.png


With the design and development completed, it’s time to deliver the goods! I’ll either transfer the new site over to you, set your new refreshed pages live or deliver the code you requested depending on the items in your package.

This phase marks the beginning of the support period where I’ll be available during office hours to fix any issues that might pop up† and answer any questions you may have about the new features on your site or code!




Now that you have an overview of my services, let me know you're interested in working with me so we can chat about your project.


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Ready to get started?

Start the conversation by filling out the inquiry form and letting me know about your project! I'd love to chat with you about it.


Frequent questions

1. I want a new site, should I have domain and hosting already?

Not at all! If you already own a domain name, we’ll connect it (map it) to your Squarespace website. If you don’t, we’ll talk about your options. Keep in mind that to have a Squarespace website live, you need to subscribe to one of their hosting plans, regardless of if you have a domain with another provider.

2. How does the email marketing provider integration work?

If you already have an account with a provider, we’ll simply connect it to your Squarespace site either through their integration system or a third-party app like Zapier. If you don’t have an email marketing provider yet and would like to sign up for one, I’ll gladly give you some pointers to help you make a decision based on your needs, and integrate your choice with your site.

3. Regarding the design aspect of the website, will I have a say in it?

Of course! That’s why, before the project begins, I’ll be giving you a questionnaire to fill out with all the details of what you like, don’t like, and want for your site. Based on that information I’ll craft a design that you’ll absolutely love plus, you’ll get several rounds of revisions along the way that will help fine-tune the site to your vision.

4. I'm not sure what I want can be done in Squarespace, how can I find out?

Ask me directly! Send me an email to and let me know what you have in mind. Screenshots and links will help me better understand what you're after!

5. Do you work with designers? I need help with some code for a client.

Absolutely! I've worked with other Squarespace designers both publicly and anonymously. By working publicly I share the tweaks I made on social media and on my portfolio, but if you rather keep my work under the radar there's no problem, only an additional fee is involved. However, keep in mind some code snippets will contain my name and/or website as reference for anyone who works with that site in the future.

6. How much will it cost me to maintain my site?

It depends on the services you choose to use, but generally you would have the following expenses:
Domain name: starting at $20 p/year with Squarespace or, at the yearly price of your preferred registrar (plus hosting to keep it live).
Squarespace subscription: $216 p/year or $26 p/month with a business plan.
Email marketing provider: at the monthly/yearly price of your preferred registrar (ranging from $0 - $30/month, up to 1000 subscribers)
Business email: free with your third-party domain registrar or only $50 p/ year with G Suite (in available countries).
Which means that, on average, you’ll be looking at $50 p/month when profiting from yearly plans’ discounts.

7. How much time will this take?

Project timelines depend on several factors, inlcuding size of your site, content availability, timely feedback and custom code complexity. Particularly with new sites, it’s important you have all your content ready to go BEFORE the project start date, and make sure you are available during our time working together, so we can go through the revisions smoothly. In general, a 5-page customized website takes around 8 weeks from the project start date. Coding customizations start at around 1 week.

8. How does the payment work?

Payments can be made through credit card or via Paypal. Depending on the total quote, you'll need to make the first payment in full or 50% to book your spot and then 50% before delivery. If you need a payment plan, please get in touch with me!

9. Do you provide images for new sites?

No. When providing your content, you’ll also need to include any images you’d like to use. I can offer you a list of sites where you can find free and paid stock photos, but searching for images is not included. If using paid photos, you can provide the watermark version to test them on your site’s mockups before you purchase them. This way, you’ll only have to buy the one’s being used on your site.

10. Do you create logos, icons, collateral and/or illustrations?

No. This service is meant for those who already have a brand identity, therefore they already have a logo, a set of illustrative elements, brand colors, etc.

11. What currency are you working with?

All prices listed on my site are in USD unless indicated otherwise.


* the type of small modifications included with new pages correspond to color changes, standard mobile modifications and font alterations. Complex code modifications such as dynamic effects, blocks from scratch and large Squarespace layout alterations may need to be quoted separately.
** keep in mind these types of customizations might require you to tweak the code if you decide to change fonts, content, sizes or colors in the future.
† related to any issues caused by the design or code implemented during the design phase, or small problems caused by tweaks made by you after the ownership transfer. Bigger issues caused by any modifications made by you or a third-party can be fixed but an hourly rate of $45 may apply.