Thirty Eight Visuals

About this project

Thirty Eight Visuals is my blog. I created it with the purpose of helping frustrated beginners with the blog building process, starting from creating an authentic brand, all the way to crafting a blog they love through tech-focused tutorials and heartfelt advice.

My (previous) brand design was focused on simplicity and friendliness, and I wanted to evoke that in my design. That's why I decided to implement a minimal palette, with just a couple of color splashes, and a very clean and organized layout to help my readers find what they're looking for with ease.



In order to give my audience the best user experience possible on any device, I also tweaked many elements of the website through code snippets, including (but not limited to):

• Removing the image from the top section of the "Start Here" page, on smaller browser windows.
• Altering the "Read More" buttons on the blog section.
• Adding external fonts that matched my branding for styling particular subtitles.
• Creating a specific style for code snippets displayed on coding tutorials on blog posts.
• Re-aligning text in order to make it more visually appealing on smaller browser windows.
• Removing banner thumbnails on blog post pages, while keeping the thumbnail on summaries.

Thirty Eight Visuals Squarespace design preview