Lauren Schwaiger

Custom code

 Squarespace template customization for When it Rains Paper Co.

About the project

Lauren started her creative space in September 2013 in hopes of inspiring others by sharing her ongoing & always evolving passion for living your best life.

Even when her site was on point in terms of design, she was missing a feature she realized she needed and couldn't have with her current template: a sidebar.


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Lauren is currently using the Native template, which even when is a great option for having a fantastic looking blog, it fails in the sidebar department.

Since her blog was growing so fast, she really needed a sidebar to add widgets and calls to action, and she preferred not having to go through the process of changing to a new template if adding a sidebar was possible.

With the help of CSS and some AJAX, I was able to create a sidebar for her blog pages that blends seamlessly with her content. And even when the final result doesn't allow the same drag-and-drop features as a regular Squarespace sidebar, she can modify and change the content of it on her own!