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 Squarespace template customization for Coin My Copy

About the project

Gary is an ex investment banker, ex lawyer and a few other corporate roles in between. Now, he writes financial copy for financial companies that need copy to convert client leads into revenue, and are looking for someone knowledgeable about industry products and services with regulatory awareness.

He created his own business site through Squarespace, but unfortunately, he ran into a few design issues he couldn't solve on his own, so he was looking for someone who could help him out.


Kind wrds from this client



Amongst the issues he was having, adjusting the crop of his banner images in mobile was his priority. The focus "dot" feature wasn't enough to ensure his headshots didn't get weirdly cropped, plus his banner text kept getting in the way.

Using a mix of image modifications and CSS media queries, his banners now look great on any device!

Regarding the improvements, one of the things he wanted was to highlight his client testimonials while being able to keep a consistent look amongst them throughout his site.

To achieve this, I added custom code to modify the layout of Squarespace's summary block, so now he can place consistent and great-looking testimonial blocks anywhere he wants to display them.


Other modifications made:

  • Created an HTML table for his data, so everything would stay in place in smaller screens.
  • Changed the alignment of the quotes in his banner images through code, since there's no other way to do it in the Bedford template.
  • Restricted the size of his image blocks, so they wouldn't look huge in mobile.