New Website

Whether you're feeling your current website isn't working for you, or you don't have the time, energy or knowledge to create an entire website yourself, this design package is ideal for small business owners and entrepreneurs like you that are looking to shine online with a site that represents your brand's professionalism, without taking away the attention from your content.

Starting at $2000



    • Already have a brand identity.
    • Already have the content for your site or are able to produce it before the project begins.
    • Understand the importance of having a website that looks professional.
    • Don’t want to or don’t have the time to go DIY.
    • Understand that less is more, and that simple and clean is the way to go.
    • Realize that a website needs not only look good, but to be completely functional on any device.
    • Want to have your site on a user-friendly platform, that doesn't require plugin updates.

    Perks included

    Landing page
    A one-screen page that reflects the content that will be found inside the website, while it’s under construction.

    Customized website
    Up to 10 pages of content including homepage, about me, contact me and blog, created on Squarespace.

    Hosting & domain setup
    Squarespace domain setup* or domain mapping with a third-party, plus 1 year of Squarespace’s business plan**

    Integrations (optional)
    Email marketing integration made through Squarespace itself, when applicable, or through third-party apps.

    Account walktrough
    A Squarespace tutorial on how to update and make modifications to the content in your website.

    Business email (optional)
    Email creation through G Suite from Google (in available countries).

    Ecommerce setup (optional)
    Shop creation, setup, and content upload of up to 5 digital, physical or service-based items.

    SEO and mobile
    Strategic keyword placement, and visual optimization on all mobile devices.

    2 weeks of full support
    Full technical support on any issues that might arise after launch†, and availability to answer site-related questions.


    How it works

    Phase 1: Communication

    • Meeting
    After filling out the contact form to get in touch, we’ll set up a 45-min Skype or phone meeting to see if we make a good fit. If we do, I’ll send you a proposal that includes the details of our project, the timeframe and a quote.

    • Booking
    Once you read and approve the proposal, I’ll create and send you the corresponding agreement along with the first invoice. Your signature and payment will officially book my services and we will be able to get to work!

    • Preparation
    Right after the booking is complete, I’ll send you a link to our HQ where you’ll need to answer a questionnaire to fill the creative brief. You’ll also get access to a shared folder where you’ll be able to organize all the content that I’ll upload to your site. One week later, we'll chat again to discuss our strategy!

    Phase 2: Design

    • Mockups
    With the brief details set, I'll create wireframes and mockups for your site pages to set the look and layout of your entire site.

    • Squarespace design
    With the approved mockups, I can now build your site! I'll create your landing page first so you can keep getting subscribers while the rest is under construction.

    • Testing
    And now it’s time to test out the result! I’ll examine your website’s responsiveness on commonly used desktop and phone browsers to check that everything looks good.

    Phase 3: Optimization

    • SEO
    Lastly, I’ll work on your site’s SEO and make sure keywords are being used in the right places.

    • Launch & celebration!
    Now, your site will be ready to go live! I’ll send you the final invoice and then transfer the ownership so you can setup the rest of your account details.

    • Post-launch
    In order to keep everything running smoothly, I’ll be available to give you full support on your new website during 2 weeks after the launch date, in case any issues pop up, to give you a quick tour on updating content, and to answer any questions you might have!

    Questions? Check out the FAQs section


    * the first year of the domain is included in the package price. Future renewals should be made directly by you on your account to keep the domain live (starting at $20 p/year).
    ** the first year of the business plan is included in the package price. Future renewals should be made directly by you on your account ($216 p/year or just $26 p/month).
    † related to any issues caused by the design or code implemented during the design phase, or small problems caused by tweaks made by you after the ownership transfer. Bigger issues caused by any modifications made by you or a third-party can be fixed but an hourly rate of $45 may apply.