A curated list of earlier email updates that involve note-worthy resources and tips!

  • Cover pages mini training! – introducing mini trainings, starting with flexible cover pages. A video training where you get to build your own custom IG cover page, without using cover pages!

  • Sneak peek and new posts – giving you an inside look at some real-life project behind the scenes and sharing new tutorials on the blog.

  • Getting out of a design rut – sharing some insights about feeling stuck, and a couple of interesting resources from other Squarespace enthusiasts.

  • Design process and browser compatibility – sharing a new blog post and very useful tools for making your life easier when writing code and looking to make it compatible with as many browsers as possible.

  • New blog posts, resources and format – exactly what the title says. I started using a new format for the email updates and included some really awesome resources.

  • Answering your questions + Squarespace updates – answering 5 specific questions on how to tweak certain aspects of Squarespace sites with a little bit of code.

  • Did you hear about all the new stuff? – letting you know all about the changes in the site that happened before the holidays and the new improvements on the resources.

  • Sharing some useful Squarespace resources – links that I had never heard of or seen anybody else mention, and recurring issues or questions other Squarespace enthusiasts are having that I have extremely useful tutorials/resources bookmarked for.