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 It doesn't have to take forever

I get it, last time you spent more time looking for little workarounds than actually building your site, which ultimately left you frustrated and thinking "I just have to publish this and get it over with".

So now, even when you feel it could use some improvements, you're unsure where to start without having to create a whole new website and start over.

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You don't have to throw out all your hard work away and start from scratch, you may only need a couple of improvements to swap your DIY-looking website for one that's uniquely you, adapts to your new business direction, fits your business needs, and ultimately brings in more clients and subscribers!


Hey, I'm Beatriz!

I'm a Squarespace designer with a love for tweaking and fixing things, both online and in real life.

That's why I dedicate to revamping Squarespace sites for growing entrepreneurs that are ready to go from ordinary to unique with a custom website that brings in more clients and subscribers!

On a more personal note, I'm a cat-lady fuelled by tea, sit-com references, and cheesy puns. And I'm not afraid to bring any of them up any chance I get.

Consider yourself warned!