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Hey there!

i know why you're here...

(I'm mind-reading creepy like that)

You don't want to be seen as another *insert your title here* in your niche, but you're struggling to get your website to reflect it

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Owning your version of different


You want a website that showcases your unique business mission, values, proposition or style, so you can attract the right audience and avoid the price-hunters that are comparing you to 3 other prospective service providers.

Because you are SO passionate about what you do that everyone who comes accross your site should automatically see the fire that drives you.

Because you’re bringing something new to the table, moving away from what’s standard in your niche, and offering a new perspective to your dream audience.

Because you and your business are different, your version of different.

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Here's the thing

I work with growing entrepreneurs with unique offerings, that want to make sure their website reflects they’re not just another [blank] in their niche, to be able to attract their dream audience.



Let's make you shine, shall we?

I offer two types of service for both fearless DIYers and ambitious Squarespace designers who want personalized attention to get over their site-building obstacles much faster.


And for the ones who rather take the self-pace road, I offer free and paid trainings on learning how to use code for customizations in Squarespace, starting with learning the basics of reading and writing code, up to advanced trainings where they can learn to rearrange the layout of their design in mobile.

Long story short


Since 2016 I’ve been working with Squarespace and immersing myself in its platform to constantly grow my skills, get to understand the limitations of their different templates and experiment with code to go beyond what’s natively possible. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and small business owners from many different niches, providing simple solutions for those limitations that have gotten them so close to throwing their laptop out the window – on more than one occassion. I started my business in 2015 because it looked easy! I mean, making money out of what I already loved doing? Never heard of that one before!

Plus, the alternative was looking for a job in the country I just landed on, speaking a language I could barely understand, and giving up any possibility of travelling with my husband on his conference trips. No thanks, I had to make this work. I’ve had several turning points in my business journey (don’t we all?), that have allowed me to focus on working on what I love to do. That’s how, I went from creating only website mockups in photoshop to today, transforming existing websites into an accurate reflection of my clients’ business.

Hey! I'm Beatriz, or simply "B"

I’m the cat-hugging, tea-loving, pun-making Squarespace revamper behind Thirty Eight Visuals. And I’m here to help entrepreneurs like yourself, who have spent a lot of time and energy pursuing their passion and building a business around it to be able to work with their dream clients.

Because all the experience, trial and error, sleepless nights, impostor syndrome battles, stress, and yada yada yada, was necessary to get you where you are today: with a different kind of business.


Looking forward to it,

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