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A free ecourse for Squarespace web designers who want to learn the HTML and CSS basics and finally understand how to use code in Squarespace.

In this training you'll learn:

  • What code is and how it works, in plain english
  • How to write HTML and CSS to "speak browser"
  • Where to write it in Squarespace and how to write it in each case
  • What you can do with it to infuse your creativity on your site and fix the frustrating mobile issues that are hurting your design
 Free 7 day code training for Squarespace designers that want to learn HTML and CSS code

In 7 days you will:

  • Know how to read and write HTML and CSS, to be able to spot sneaky errors in the code you're using.
  • Start saving precious time by understanding how those code snippets from Squarespace's forum work, and be able to customize them as needed.
  • Finally understand what's the difference when you add code to a page, its settings, under code injection and in the CSS window.
  • Lose the fear of messing things up that's been holding you back from getting creative!

"Dear Beatriz. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I just used custom CSS to underline a heading in one block. I didn't know where to even get started but your training has encouraged me to just try stuff out! Thanks to your lesson I knew that I needed the -moz- and -webkit- addition to make it work in other browsers."

SANDRA VAN DER LEE | @webdesignstudiosandra



"Your CSS course was amazing and thank you so much for sharing.  CSS has always been a mystery to me and I could never really get it... Until your learning session.  Thanks to you, I have much a better handle of CSS and was able to apply custom codes to a client website that I was working on, in addition to my own business site."


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Day 1


We’ll be looking at what the heck is code, how does it work and why you should care about knowing how to “speak browser”.

How to write html and css.png

Day 2


Getting down to business on the second day! You’ll be learning how to read and write HTML, and understanding all parts of its syntax!

Learn to write css.png

Day 3


In this lesson we’ll be breaking down the structure of CSS and looking at how everything comes together so you can finally understand what you’ve been seeing online!

When to use style tags in Squarespace custom code.png

Day 4


On day 4 you’ll be finding out how many special places you have available to write code in Squarespace, and what’s the difference between using each one.

How to make Squarespace look better in mobile.png

Day 5


Because there’s no use in learning how to write code if you don’t know what to do with it, in this lesson we’ll be looking at how you can improve your Squarespace site with it. 

Will code break my squarespace site.png

Day 6


As long as you’re afraid, you won’t be able to work on improving your skills. So this lesson is meant to help you crush that fear that’s holding you back from experimentng.

The importance of mastering the basics of html and css.png

Day 7


An embarrasing anecdote to help you see why it’s so important to practice, practice, practice to minimize wasting time during projects, big time.


"Hi B! Love this format of 7 day training and so happy you offer this free course. I have been making improvements here and there to my Squarespace website for a little over a year, and I feel like I have become failry familiar with the platform but hit the creative wall. After I spent hours last weekend trying to figure out how to make, what I thought should be a simple change (adding full width colored background sections in Montauk), and still not figuring it out, I found this at a perfect time! I think it's time for some CSS in my life. Looking forward to the next 7 days!"

EMILY DAY | Good Day Design Co.



/*On the previous 3-day edition*/

"Over the weekend we dug into three FREE CSS and HTML tutorials via @thirtyeightvisuals - Beatriz really gets to the heart of customization, educating her followers on exactly how coding really works and what all of those symbols and abbreviations actually mean. With every bit of knowledge we consume, we are becoming more and more confident in our coding abilities - allowing us to truly offer our clients completely customized Squarespace sites. Bravo and thank you, Thirty Eight Visuals"

JEN & GOLDA | @designsbyjdg



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