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It's frustrating isn't?

Loving a platform so much, and yet being sick of its limitations...

But of course, if you've been putting your heart, energy and time into building your own site, realizing how much of it can't be tweaked through the Style Editor can be downright exasperating.

List of modifications to make on a website while in the building process.

Don't worry, there's a way.

You still want a professional yet unique look for your business or your clients' site, so you can't settle for what the template editor allows. Plus, the situation has gotten personal now, and you will not give up until you find the way to make that freaking block look just like you want it to!

Wondering where to start?

Customizing your site sure does help when it comes to creating a unique presence, but it's best if you start by choosing a template that already offers the most important features you're looking for, and then dive into the tweaking process. 

Choosing to make the most important website modifications first is key for a professional website
Beatriz is the web Squarespace-focused web designer behind Thirty Eight Visuals.

"Who are you?"

I'm Beatriz. The tea-drinker, planner addict, list-maker, cat-hugger and web designer behind Thirty Eight Visuals.

I help avid solopreneurs build, design and rock professional Squarespace sites through easy-to-follow CSS tutorials, and work with small business owners to bring their website idea or customizations to life.

Beatriz is a web designer, member of the Squarespace circle