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Make your Squarespace site stand out from others in your niche, by using custom code to beat its limitations and unleash your creative mind! Want to find out what you can do with it?

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If your site's already up and running and you just want to be able to solve those annoying style or functionality issues, here's what you can do:


Custom code tutorials

Fix that specific issue on your Squarespace site that’s been driving you insane, and find out different ways you can improve your site with custom code.


Squarespace plugins

Short on patience? You can rely on done-for-you custom code, to add that new functionality you're after and customize the blocks you’re already using.


Let me help you out

If you feel like throwing your laptop to the floor, don't. I can walk you through the solution for your Squarespace issues, or take care of them for you.



I’m Beatriz, the web designer and blogger behind Thirty Eight Visuals.

In this space is where I share my obsession for Squarespace with other Squarespace enthusiasts like you, so you can see how you can take your template to the next level, through design tips and custom code, and create a site that truly stands out in your niche.

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When working on your business website, too much information can get overwhelming, that’s why my VIPs only receive info on the best resources, posts and products that can help them in different stages of their Squarespace design journey. And you get automatic VIP status when signing up for any of the free Squarespace resources!

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Square Block Shop

Find plugins and custom code that you can easily implement on your site to beat template limitations and get creative with your site's design!

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